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JR, thanks for the post! The image loaded A-OK. Are you seeing it?

I am now. Strange, I changed nothing. Thank you, buddy!


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Well, it's complicated. I know this woman who just wanted to be friends, but then she went out on a date with me. The date went well, we stayed out all night, and then I convinced her to let me stay at her place for the weekend. Now she wants to be "friends with benefits", it caught me off guard and all I could do was say OK. I am still not really clear on it myself?

This is a photo of me from my DA account of a costume I am working on.

I'll try to post some other pictures of me later.

EDIT: OK, for some reason I cannot get the image to work? Even though this works on other message boards and the help file here says this is how to do it. Help?


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25, my Birthday is January 15th.

Hi, my name is Jim Tyner, but y'all can call me JR.