Found this through one of my friends on Facebook and figured you guys might be interested.  Pretty neat coin design.  Enjoy. … amp;ref=nf


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So, how many of you put in a help ticket when you went to go speak to Mandalore the Vindicated and realized they misspelled his name?

Come on....I know some of you did.

And just when you thought there might not be a Fett in the game....just go to Taris.


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Can't believe this topic is dead.  So, is anyone playing this awesome game?


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Here's a nice one from the Con this year.  One of my buddies sent this one to me.

Snikt, snikt....

Nice t-shirt, too.


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Was anyone actually able to grab some tickets?  I think next year I'll have better luck going to WonderCon.


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BFFC therealmccoy wrote:

Official Topps "Star Wars Galaxy Series 6" Sketch Card of the character I created, Lucas McCoy by LFL artist Shea Standefer.

That's actually pretty cool.  Did you get a copy of the card yourself?

Recent updated on the Star Wars site about the latest of the Star Wars Lego games, with none other than our favorite Mandalorian Bounty Hunter. … index.html



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Holy crap.  The San Diego Comic Con sold out in one day.  ONE DAY!! … _Now_What_ … -sold-out/

I hope that everyone that wanted to go got their tickets already.


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Another Boba Fett related Tee Fury shirt.  Only 13 hours left, so grab it if you want one.

It's titled "Star Walk."



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I know it was promoted, but I don't believe they ever went into production.

Wow!!.  Alot of work.  Very in depth.  Well done, dude.


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I can't believe I missed this one.

I think we need to start posting any Fett related TeeFury shirts on this thread for our members.

So, if you see it, post it.  Enjoy.  Catch you later.

Yeah, I don't know what it is about the blue Twi'leks.  All the other ones are cute, but the blue ones.....Mmmmmmmmmm.


Cat did say on her Facebook page that the original concept for it was based on nose artwork, so that was pretty neat.  I guess that explains the pose.  I notice they have quite a few Twi'lek girls on the nose art of the Republic Gunships on the Clone Wars cartoon.  Pretty cool.

I don't know if anyone knows her, but Cat Staggs has been doing a lot of Star Wars art over the last several years. … index.html

I was introduced to her artwork at the last San Diego Comic Con I attended, a few years ago.  She had some really nice Boba Fett artwork on display (one of which I bought right before the show ended). 

Anyway, she has a pretty cool Deviant Art Page.

Yesterday, she posted this little jem on there.

Pretty freakin' sweet.  Wish they'd make this into some posters. 

I was thinking it'd be some pretty cool nose art to go on the side of the Slave 1, kind of like the Andrasta.

What do you think?

A new Star Wars Adventures comics is coming out later this year, around December time frame.  This one is finally about our fan fav.

Boba Fett and the Ship of Fear.

Found this on the Newsarama Dark Horse Comics page.  Haven't seen it listed in Previews yet.  But then, I haven't gotten October's mailed to me yet, either.  I'm guessing it might be in this months. … 00922.html


Jeremy Barlow (W), Daxiong (A), and Sean McNally (Cover)

On sale Feb 2
FC, 80 pages
TPB, 5 1/4” X 7 1/2”

The wreck of the Reverie, a four-hundred-year-old abandoned luxury liner is rumored to house an ancient relic of immense value. When Boba comes into possession of a map revealing the ship’s current whereabouts, he sets his sights on the prize. But he’s not alone—two bounty-hunting brothers with a grudge against Fett are now on his trail, hoping to win the treasure for themselves. But, neither Boba nor the brothers are prepared for what else is lurking within the creepy corridors of the forsaken Reverie . . .

• An original Boba Fett graphic novel for all ages!


Yep, here's the most recent thread about Karen Traviss and some of the entries involve the explaination of why she stopped doing the RC books. … n-traviss/ … e-episode/


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So, I'm playing the demo to Force Unleashed II.  There's just something kind of self-satisfying about being able to lop off arms and heads now when you're using your lightsaber.

Oh yeah, and there's this neat little background easter egg in the Kamino cloning facility you escape from.


Nice that they can incorporate original Fett concept art that Ralph McQuarrie did way back in the day.  Already it looks to be pretty good.

And for your 3D entertainment.



Manji_Ninja wrote:

Namely because I know this interferes with our "Tales of the Bounty Hunters" Fett who claims to Leia "sex between those not married is amoral." I was intrigued that a bounty hunter would express such black and white views of morality and adds unique depth to his character.

I hear ya, Manji.  That's the first thing I thought of when I read about this.  I was like, wwwhhhhaaaaaattttttt????


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This one coming out ain't the actual Slave 1 toy.  It's a snap-tite model.  I know MPC and Airfix released one back it the 80's.

And the one AMT/ERTL released back in the mid-2000's was just re-release of that same mould. … 8306.shtml

I can't find a maker or scale size for this new snap-tite version that's coming out, yet, so don't know if it's just going to be a re-release or not.

Haven't opened up the Jango Fett Slave 1 model that got released a few years back by Fine Molds.  I know it's a different scale than the original molds.  The old ones were 1/85 and Fine Molds kits are 1/72 scale.  I'm glad they finally made a Slave 1 that's in scale with most of my fighter plane models.  Just looks better.  They made a Jango and Boba version of those. … slave1.htm

The detail on them look ten times better than the old ones, I think.  Still need to get a Boba version, though.

They definitely look good standing next to each other.  I think I like the model stand better on the Find Molds version, too. … s-slave-1/

I noticed that AMT/ERTL has been re-releasing a lot of Star Trek models too this year.  Some updated parts, but mostly the main change is better detailed decals.

I've been kind of remiss in posting some of the neat Fett items I've been finding on the internet that are coming out this Fall.  I blame it on work and the Star Trek Online game that one of my buddies got me addicted to playing.  I've never been a big PC gamer, always preferred the console stuff, but this has actually got me looking forward to when the Old Republic game comes out next year. 

Anyway, on to the Bounty for this Fall.

We obviously have the Addidas shoes coming out that were on the main page news. … ty-hunter/

Something I hadn't seen advertised before was a new leather Boba Fett wallet that Star Wars Shop is putting out later this month. … id=1300424

Some other items have been available for pre-sale on the ACME Archives website for a while now, but now our affiliates at Entertainment Earth are also pre-selling them for an October release.  These are some of the newer ACME Paper Giclees with Boba Fett art.  Most of these are kind of pricey because of their limited number run.

The first is by from artist Brian Rood. … SWTLTD100A

The second is called "Carbonite is Forever" by Cliff Chiang.  These came out and were being sold at Celebration 5, earlier this year. … AMSWTLTD90

Then there's "Mr. Fett" by John Alvin … MSWTLTD97A

One I really like is called "Fett's Prize" by William Silvers … MSWTLTD89A

Another neat little item is a set of coasters that uses some previously released art use for the Force Unleashed series of figures. … er=VN99085

We saw some images of an unpainted version of Kotobukiya's new ART FX Boba Fett figure earlier this year at Comic Con.  Looks like this also has an expected October shipping date.

An Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary print by fan favorite Katie Cook.  How could you NOT want this cute little scum hanging on your wall? … id=1324330;ttl2=15;key1=1324330_img1;key2=-100_img1

I actually found this new t-shirt design at the Base Exchange (BX) out here on the Air Force base I'm at in Korea.  I couldn't believe they actually sold some cool clothes there.  Haven't found it for sale on any websites yet, but since the BX is kind of like a military version of a  Wal-Mart or Target, I'm guessing you might be able to find one of these at one of those stores, or maybe a JC Penny's or the like.

A new snap-tite model of the Slave 1.  I'm pretty sure this is just a re-release of the older Slave 1 model they had out in the mid 90's. … id=1306404

A new bounty hunter hoodie on the Star Wars Shop site.  This one actually doesn't look too gawdy, either. … id=1300392;ttl2=15;key1=1324138_img1;key2=-100_img1

An honorable mention.  I'm not sure if this poster is actually available for sale, or if it was just done as a gift by artist Spencer Brinkerhoff III for the guys at the Mint in Box seller table at this year's Celebration V.  I actually found this by accident, linked to someone's Facebook page.  But it's still pretty cool.  The fact it's signed by both Fett's is even better.  If anyone can find out if these prints are for sale, please post it on here.

It's titled "The Collector."

The Mint in Box website :

Anyone here speak French?  Becauase I don't see an English translated version of the website on there.

Enjoy and good luck hunting.



Damn.  We're 14 hours ahead over here, so I already missed it.  Pisser.


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No.  I'd have to take a pic or scan the one I got.  But it's back home on the states, right now.  And we'll be moving as soon as I'm done here in April, so it'll be a while before I'd be able to get a pic.  Most of the stickers they have in the kit, though, are the typical jAKe design Boba Fett sketch that you see around all the time.  Fett and alot of the other characters from the First trilogy (4,5,6).


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Now you can dress up, or dress your kids up, as your favorite Clone Wars Mandalorian baddie...Pre Vizsla. … tumes.html

Looks like a slight repaint of the Jango Fett kids costume.  But, at least they got the cape right, with the Deathwatch symbol on it.

Also, they have a DarkSaber to go with the costume.

I don't know about the costume, but the DarkSaber sounds pretty neat.



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In case you didn't want to spend all that money they've been asking for some of the Celebration 5 Fett posters and prints on eBay, they've just released many of them for pre-order on Star Wars Shop to ship out on 30 Sept.  They even have the one with Fett on a dewback, with Bossk tracking a hunt.  With the Jabba the Hutt flag in the background, I'm guessing they're hunting a Krayt Dragon. … id=1306428

These are on sale for one week only.

Enjoy.  Good hunting.


In case you didn't want to spend all that money they've been asking for some of the Celebration 5 Fett posters and prints on eBay, they've just released many of them for pre-order on Star Wars Shop to ship out on 30 Sept. … id=1306428

These are on sale for one week only.

Enjoy.  Good hunting.