a lightwip'd be cool. Like lumiya. And a dual-phase blade, like Corran Horn'd be awesome.


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Huh. Sev's phycotic---more than the rest of the squad, I mean. And they were trained by Vau!! Horrible man, Vau. Omega was trained by skirata. Very good man, him. A true Buir, a father to his men. Anyone else read the books?


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Mauls cool. But I love any Mando, and Omega and the Nulls. Delta's cool, but Skirata is the best. tongue


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Fi's awesome--so's the rest of omega, especially darman. The Nulls are amazing too. Just go the game today--still on Geonosis. The levels immensly long!! I don't dislike Delta, but they're not my favorite, either. I've read all the books, so i love omega


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she wrote it, and it means, at least in the song, Brothers All. but with no gender, yeah. the whole thing is:

And glory, eternal glory, we shall bear its weight forever. Forged like the saber in the fires of death, brothers all.

Bal kode, darasum kode, jorsoran kando a tome. Sakyram, nau tracyn kad, vode an.

misspelled some stuff,  btw.


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yeah, both Chewies and Anakin's deaths were sad. SPOILERS!!!!!

I don't especially like Jacen going dark, either. Jag Fel's awesome, so's Wedge, Tycho, Hobbie, Wes Janson, Corran Horn, and other Characters from the X-wing series. Anyone read them?


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And your name. I'm guessing you've played the game?

I don't really like Delta as much--to serious. I have yet to play the game, so I like Omega and the Nulls more. And, TZ was just more interesting. And I LOVE Kal. He's great.


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Yeah!! its a HUGE list, but its impossible to find the right words on it. She REALLY needs to do an English-Mando'a dictionary. I'd love to know more. Vode An is great, and she includes parts of Dha Werda, but not the whole thing. maybe in Order 66......or Revelation. we con only hope.


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yeah, she'd not be my choice for the first woman to be prez. Don't want her in PERIOD. I'll move to Canado. lol


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yeah, its better than Hard Contact. not sure if its better than true colors, or the other way around, but its great. funny, and really cool. Great to see more skirata. And the mando'a guide in the back's great


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he IS funny. Wierd, some songs are bad, but some are really funny.

but yeah, those are amazing- Commandar Baracca, Boba's, and Yoda especially so.


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BalanceSheet wrote:

How long does it take you to finish one piece?
I wish I had the patience to draw stuff like that...I draw way too fast.  I still have to get started on the D'harhan I said I'd do a year ago.
Love the Commander Bacara.

someone needs to do D'harhan--he's awesome!!

And amazing pics--you've got to be the best artist i've every seen---excluding pros, of course


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good book--interesting to see the force sensitives, and and the other non-hardliner Imps. too bad the two guys that sacrificed themselves didn't make it off. that would've been cool, and to follow what they did. Anyone read Alliegence?

and nice. Triple zero and true colors were great.

Ok--Gold Beskar'gam, Verpine Shatter Guns, side-arm and a sniper, blasters, probably Blas-tech, not sure model, lightsaber just for kicks, a Bes'uliik (basilisk, Mando fighter, faster than an X-wing, beskar microskin), like the clawcraft idea--Jag Fel pwns. Partners, other mandos.

Story--Son of a clone--Ordo, Null 11. Name--Verd Skirata. Larger craft, forgot the rest.

Raj'el Vhett wrote:

Quote: am a Mandalorian Jedi and bounty hunter.'
  - there is no such thing as a Mando Jedi

Not true.  One does not need to be born Mando to be Mando.  It's unlikely, but possible.

true. or a Mando born, Jedi and Mando trained--like Kad'ika--Mother, Jedi. Father, Republic Commando


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very.....my fault. Yeah, I'd go with gold--vengeance sounds cool to me.


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oh....it changed now!! i was going to be highly annoyed....oh well.

ON TOPIC: probably get more sleep too. that's a good one.


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thanks you, thank you......i have a better one, believe it or not--a sweet view of a mando visor, with lightening flashing. or something. heres a link.

http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl= … e%26sa%3DN

probably won't work--heres the page i found it on--

http://images.google.com/images?q=manda … mp;ndsp=20

sorry if it doens't show.....but it won't let me change it. sad


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lol. nice. i'm supposed to be reading and taking notes on tale of troy....but obviously I'm not.


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Miba wrote:

One of my favorite bosses is in Twilight Princess, the water temple thing where you're underwater fighting that swimming serphant thingie and you jump on it's back and stab it. I had sooo much fun killing that thing. I really got into it, I flipped the controller over and actually stabbed over and over saying, "Die, die, die, die!" big_smile

now THAT was a fun boss.....hmmm. MOH European Assult's last level was pretty tough. and Vanguards. not sure what others....


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Beskaryc Beroya wrote:
Vette wrote:

I think it's quite understandable, who is the favourite, that's why I joined this site big_smile and besides, I like Han Solo in StarWars, he is so active and enterptising!

True True... Fett is the understood favorite here, so after him I think I'd for sure have to go with Sev (Delta 07). His dry sarcasm and love for the hunt makes me yell "HECK YEEEEAAAAAHHHHH" (not to mention he's just so handy with that sniper rifle)

                                                                   BB* cool

Sev? not so much. i like the Nulls and Omega more-- Especially Fi. Han's cool, and some Jedi. But Kal's just amazing. But he IS  a great sniper, even though he's a bit of a head case


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Beskaryc Beroya wrote:

Hey Hey.... My name is in Mando'a!    Beskaryc Beroya    means    Armored Bounty Hunter......... (random, I know)


as is mine--Shadow Warrior. i can speak a LITTLE. i'd love to learn Dha Werda. i've memorized Vode An, and know scattered other words, but that's all

you know what i think?I think Mando'a is stupid. Travis thinks she can do all that all by herself? All of a sudden she can create a Mandolorian language and not talk to the old Fandalorians? she's full of herself. she has no right to write about Boba, no one does, but all the Boba Fett fans should. This goes for Mando'a too.

KT practically CREATED the Mandalorian culture--there was barely an info about them AT ALL before she wrote about them.


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for me.....Kal Skirata. A true mando, down to adopting LOTS of kids, a warrior--and has awesome armor too. Boba's close. very high up.


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gratz. good to see other mando fans, ner vod


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welllllll......Kal Skirata might be better. But hes VERY high up. best bounty hunter, without a doubt.


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nice. and cloned limbs don't always last, as Boba found out. I'm surprised that there was a Jedi, and a Boba Fett site. Are there many, or mostly mandos?