Thanks for all the great comments.

Its in my house.    It is connected to my theater room.  When my friends kids come over they are in awe at the full size figures.  I see them as an investment as they are always going up in value.

Ill take some more pics and add them next week.  There are some new additions since these pics were taken.



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My Star Wars bar with Boba and his recent bounty Han Solo.  I thought I would share.  Comments welcome! … p;newest=1 … p;newest=1

I dont know how to put actual images up.  What is the code and ill post more.


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I picked up Boba from this board a few months ago.  The 4 Sale thread was closed and I would like to share some pics and get more active.  Check out this link:

I need to take a few more shots.  Ill post them soon.



Boba has found his new home and his bounty!

My name is Jason and I have a Fett problem.

HA!  Bunch of Fettohalics here so I guess I am in the right company!

I have acquired a life size Fett and want to post pics but cant find the buttton.  Any help out there?


Im interested.  I sent you an e-mail or e-mail me at

Christmas is almost here!