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Ralin, I never noticed it but what you said about not being able to click on "Message Boards" is the same for me. I never use that link though, I always use "Index".

I did for the longest time. I was on there every day, in nearly every section, and I'd be on there for hours posting and going through threads, and I had even joined a chat thread. And then they changed. They went from a simple layout with white background and dark blue text to this weird eye-straining green with drop-down menus that take forever to figure out and are just a big hassle to deal with. And pretty much overnight I stopped going. I dropped by once about a year or so ago just to see what the forums are like now and nothing looked interesting at all. It was mostly a bunch of threads going "favorite character", "which lightsaber color would you have", "which droid is your favorite", etc. Even the fans section was so overly politically correct and in line and proper that I just didn't feel like spending all my time discussing the weather. Plus I'm not a hyperspace member anymore so I can't even go to the members only section to read through the interviews.

As a whole I'm really not impressed with their site. Their home page is so ridiculously impossible to navigate I can't even find the news section. It's cluttered, there's too much going on. I have sw.com on an RSS feed so I see the news as a simple list of headlines and little blurbs about what the article is, which is how it should be.


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When I was a kid I tanned. Now that I spend all my time in-doors I burn. I'm very, very white. I wear 75spf and I have 100 but have yet to try it out. The sun makes me cranky and gives me a headache.


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Seaco, the in-galaxy reason is because Boba has so many spare parts for his armor and does change them out that at that period in time he happened to be wearing a shoulder armor without a skull. You'll notice bits of his armor change between ESB and ROTJ too.

The behind the scenes reason is because Boba wasn't originally in ANH and that was Don Post, I believe, and not Jeremy Bulloch (you can also tell from the gut as Bulloch is slimmer, parts of ROTJ-Boba aren't him as well if I remember correctly) and was added for the 1997 special editions. And I guess someone just forgot to add the skull.

Terra wrote:

Said Dark jedi for me too. Some of the questions are bound to other questions so the answers to these are kinda forced by the answers given previously... not cool.. But was still fun.

Yeah, I realized that the last time I looked it over, but I didn't feel like changing it.

Karson, my guess is that because the person is basically a Jedi who has some dark side tendencies. A description in one of the Bane books says that a Dark Jedi is someone who is a Jedi who strayed due to personal greed, they're not actively out to hurt others, but neither do they go out of their way to help others (unless they're being paid).

I believe they're talking about my test here:

[ADMIN: Old link to defunct starwarsdotcom dot com removed.

As for why there's no Mandalorian option, that's answered in the title of the quiz: "Which kind of Force User are you?" If you're a Mando and a Force User the quiz still applies and you'd probably end up as Dark Jedi.


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I just have to say that I think this is very cute, you guys. big_smile

I think I'm not even sure why we're at war with them? I kinda lost track in the last 9 years or so we've been at it...

Speaking from the frigid north I must say I love never going above 90. It actually got up to 87 the other day! Anything over about 75-80 is too hot for me. However I'd prefer to have more spring and fall. We usually have about 6 months winter, 4 months summer, 1 month spring, and 1 month fall. With all the rain and stuff up here summer really just began two weeks ago or so, but the last few days it's been back to rainy. Had to wear my coat yesterday when we were out shopping.


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lol, that is a good way to use it, for post countage. I hadn't noticed before but you're close to catching up to me!


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That would be very annoying. I would hope that there's nothing in that oil that anyone is allergic to. For example, if it were an ad for bacon and the scent was smoke flavor then we'd be forced to either make sure he's far away from the sign when it's on (and find some way to air out the house every day so it doesn't linger) or buy him a gas mask.


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As for me I am terrible at arguing my point and I often lose track of where I am and where I was heading. lol And sometimes it's already been said. If I see over a hundred responses to something I don't even bother because I can have nothing to add. And in a few weeks the issue might come up again and I'd have to resay everything I said before and what's the point?


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Karson, I know what you mean about not knowing how people would react. That's why I normally don't like to get involved with controversy. I've been doing it a lot in the last bit though.

I have a thread for those. They are indeed awesome. http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/boards/v … hp?id=3674


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I'm not against it. All it can do is help others.


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It is horrible that people would do that to animals. I don't mind them making money off of items that were already made when the fish and wildlife service got ahold of them. They aren't the ones to blame for it, and why throw them out when you can get money. However, if these were confiscated there must have been a reason, such as an item being illegal or something, so I'm not sure how they can turn around and sell these items? Wouldn't that make them as bad as the people they took them from?


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The car looks awesome so far. If you wanted to stick with a Fett theme you could do a wheat symbol on the side with your number? Not sure how that would work though that might be too cluttered. On it's own I think the rebel symbol looks great. If you wanted to go for overall fandom I see nothing wrong with using it alongside the mythosaur.


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I bet you never go anywhere without a seatbelt again. wink I was in a car accident without one once and nothing happened, I was perfectly fine, but that scared me into wearing one always.

And I was kinda figuring it was some sorta jeep or other type of car like that for the doors to be that way.


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Why would you be without a seatbelt? ...better yet, why was there no door??? You look much better in the second picture, looks like it's healing nicely.

mandolover<3 wrote:

Wait... Is that on the new Family Guy Star Wars? I know I didn't see that on blue harvest...

Yeah. Blue Harvest is the ANH equivalent. The title of this thread says that this happens in the ESB equivalent which is called Something, Something, Something, Dark Side.

From my list? Honestly I read chronological and am working on the Force Heretic trilogy at the moment so no spoilers past that point, so I can only help you up to that point.

The Jango and Zam comics were very cute, but focus more on Jango than Boba.
Tales from the New Republic has a very good story about him, but it also has a bunch of other stories about other people too, so that's more of a book I would get from the library if you can, rather than buying. Unless you want to collect books, then go ahead and buy it.
Enemy of the Empire was good.
Shadows of the Empire is good, but it doesn't focus on Boba, he just happens to pass by in a chapter or two.
Tales from Jabba's Palace is a good buy, but again it only has a short-story. There are stories of other people in there too.
The Bounty Hunter Wars books are good.


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I'm glad he accepted it!! That's great! Maybe he hasn't said anything yet because he doesn't want to say sorry, or maybe he's curious as to why you sent him a request now, or he might be just as unsure as you. But him accepting is definitely a good thing!


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A virus hid itself in my Sims 2 files so we had to uninstall the game and get rid of it all in order to get rid of the virus and I hadn't played it in the months after 3 was out so I just never reinstalled it. So I don't have any of my houses, lol.

I never really got into modding or anything, I have taught myself a little bit for 3, like I made a pattern. It's black with a red mythosaur skull. So far I've only used it as a rug in front of a fireplace in a mansion I named Mando Getaway or something, it's supposed to be where some Mandalorian would go to rest up and feel luxurious. It's not finished yet, though.

And I just started playing Fallout 3 a few weeks ago, it's awesome!

But that also reminds me, am I the only one who gets disoriented and then motion-sick from playing first person games? I keep having to stop Fallout 3 to take a break due to motion-sickness. Same with Portal, oh, Portal makes me very motion-sick. And other various games too, I've just about conquered my Battlefront 2 motion-sickness, that was the first game I really played first person in for long periods of time. I also really do not like not seeing my feet! I don't know where I am, I just feel like a floating camera that sometimes have hands or arms or guns or something. I figure the motion-sickness is just something that will pass if I keep at it long enough. But that still doesn't help with my not having feet! And, yes, I know you can play Fallout 3 in 3rd person but my husband says this reduces your accuracy when shooting.


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Fett_II, I was thinking that same thing when I saw your picture. Here I am babying about my eye and you have that nasty wound on your head. I'm glad you're still alive!

The dizziness is completely gone now and the hardest thing is remembering to take the medicine and be careful of my eye! I started rubbing it yesterday in the shower to get some water off it and suddenly remembered which eye that was and had to make myself be gentle. And speaking of medicine I should have taken it at 7, I should go do that after this.