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ok I wanted to do a 365 project for quite some time now, but had no idea how, what or why... so I have these little fellas sitting around in front of me day after day on my desk and no they have to model for me for a year now... lets see how it goes.

a little UPDATE:
ok I have decided these guys are going to follow me around now all day. they are helping me anyway so they can also stay close :-) and within their line of work in my daily life I will catch a photo.

UPDATE: 13.05.2008
its the second time I kinda messed up the numbering of the photos... no idea how I keep doing this... hm
besides that the project is going great and is alot of fun. of course there are some days I just make it in the last second and some days I am not motivated alot, but in the end it really pays, especially because of somany nice people following those four troopies and writing all those nice comments.

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I have also seen that big_smile they are very funky big_smile

There is also an R2-D2 one that is class big_smile ( … 832644306/)

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