Topic: Quick "Goal" Survey

Post your top three things that you're looking for--seeking out as a goal--on this site, either now or initially, at the first moment you arrive. (Doesn't need to be anything that's actually here.)

For example, 1) I like Boba Fett comics and want to know about the ones I may have missed, 2) I like interactive web games and maybe I'll find a Fett or Star Wars one here, 3) I'm big on the news and want to catch up on the very latest here.

Thank you. smile

Re: Quick "Goal" Survey

1. try and find out how to become a Moderator. 2. I like arcades so that would be fun here. 3. For Mr. Logan to answer my question.

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Re: Quick "Goal" Survey

1) More games--not even necessarily arcade games.  Maybe some mad-libs, or some riddles, or a Bounty Hunt game where you have to find information on the BFFC site.
2) Updated list of all the books and comics where you can read about Fett--I'm so confused right now and suspect that I might have missed a lot.
3) Some new, flashy wallpapers.  The ones we have are nice but I also like fun ones with a lot of color.  Fan submissions would be a good source for this.

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Re: Quick "Goal" Survey

My goals were: 1)    To get Boba Fett desktop wallpaper for my computer    2) To learn more of the little facts about boba fett and his i will be Boba Wise when my friends ask me    3) To see some of the video's my friends told me about.....i guess you would call them fan films....i dunno.


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