For fans and spectators of the phenomenon behind Boba Fett, the bounty hunter from George Lucas' Star Wars saga. Since 1996.

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Forget Anakin -- for die-hard 'Star Wars' fans, Boba Fett rules
The San Francisco Chronicle
"Forget Anakin -- for die-hard 'Star Wars' fans, Boba Fett rules" by Peter Hartlaub (5/14/2005)
When Aaron Proctor started his Boba Fett Web site as a teenager in 1996, the San Francisco native wasn't expecting many visitors. After all, the "Star Wars" bounty hunter had only five lines in the original trilogy, and his apparent death in "Return of the... (Online and in print.)
[EDITOR'S NOTE: Finally, written by a Boba Fett fan, the site gets front page Entertainment section coverage, generating 600,000 visits from the online link (above) and over 5,000,000 visits from the paper's circulation.]

Entertainment Weekly "Tempted by Fett -- A Boba Fett Fan" by Dalton Ross (2002)
"Casual Fett fans should begin their quest at the appropriately (and unimaginatively) titled Boba Fett Fan Club, which offers solid (okay, scary) amounts of information on the original man behind the mask, actor Jeremy Bulloch. Visitors are treated to a brief interview, tour diaries, and pictures of the actor chilling in his house. There's a perverse joy in seeing the guy who caught Han Solo hanging out on his couch and surfing the Web." (Online -- subscription required -- and in print.)
[EDITOR'S NOTE: If only they knew what we've been called before, or how nice Jeremy Bulloch has been to BFFC... Nevertheless, this mentioning generated 16,000 visitors on the day of publication.]

US News and World Report "The Force Is Still With Them - 'Star Wars': Return of a cosmic cash cow" by John Marks (January 27, 1997 p 63)
(Full page article and photo.)

Yahoo! - What's New... Inside Yahoo! (May 11, 1999) - View Screenshot
[EDITOR'S NOTE: This front page graphical mentioning brought thousands and thousands of new visitors to the site over its week-long run.]

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine #12
(letter to the editor mentioning)

Tuesday (Hong Kong magazine) - View Screenshot

ACCESS Magazine (March, 2000)
(Column and photo.)

The Incredible Internet Guide to Star Wars (1999)
"everything you wanted to know"

Science Fiction Weekly (November 16, 1998)
"documents every occurrence of Boba Fett in the Star Wars universe"

Cinescape Insider (July, 1998)
"...the one place that any Fett fan can go for anything they want to know about their favorite Mandalorian ... it is a very good production."

The Incredible Internet Guide to Star Wars by Peter J. Weber (September, 1999)
Included full-size screenshot of the site in 1999, as The Boba Fett Multimedia Vault.

Web Reviews
SCIFI.COM Star Wars directory Pick (February, 2002)
"Boba Fett Fan Club (pick) - Don your Clone Wars armor--or learn how to create some--before you blast your way through these downloads, checklists of BF collectibles, and so very much more."

Point Top 5% of the Web
Point Top 5% of the Web

Magellan 3 Star Site
Magellan 3 Star Site

Editor's Pick

GO Network - View Screenshot
Three Star (Best) Site

Excite - View Screenshot
Editor's Pick

Editor's Recommendation

Yahoo Internet Life (July 12, 1999) - View Screenshot

SFgate "May the Web Be with You" by Peter Fagan (May 6, 1999)
"The Boba Fett Fan Club page is the definitive archive of information about the most admired, yet enigmatic characters of the Star Wars myth." - View Screenshot
4 Stars. "Everything you ever wanted to know about Boba Fett but were afraid to ask."

Oregon Live - View Screenshot
"All Boba, all the time. The shoot-Boba-Fett game is ultra cool."

"...get the complete story on the galaxy's most feared bounty hunter (and most sought-after action figure)."

"The most popular bounty hunter this side of the Kessel run is completely documented and examined. Very nice site!"

Alternative Webs Best of the Web (March 1st, 1998)
"Nothing but Boba Fett. All day and all night. A very well put together site. Lots of sound and video."

On The Gnome's Desktop #29
"Who's the best and the baddest bounty hunter in the Universe? :) That's right! And he's got his own fan club. If you have a Fett fetish, don't fail to find your way to this fabulous site! Find out the Fett Facts firsthand--and bookmark immediately."
Editor's Pick

SCI-FI: Episode I Unauthorized (1999)

NBC-KTAB in Texas (February 14th, 1997)

CNN Interactive

SFgate - View Screenshot

The Boston Globe's - View Screenshot

Cinescape Online

Chicago Tribune Online

The Wild Wild Web (June 12, 1998)

Open Directory Cool Site

The Dominion

MSN - View Screenshot - View Screenshot - View Screenshot - View Screenshot - View Screenshot