For fans and spectators of the phenomenon behind Boba Fett, the bounty hunter from George Lucas' Star Wars saga. Since 1996.

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About / Advertising

The Boba Fett Fan Club is a not-for-profit, unofficial web site since 1996.

We're picky about advertising. We won't put up an advertiser unless we have used the merchant and/or we know it's relationship to the Boba Fett side of the Star Wars spectrum. Here, it's about relevance to our audience, because we trust and love our visitors.

About the Ads

  • Entertainment Earth
    Best business practices of all, moving the savings on to the customer, and offering items hot off the truck. Visit
  • TFAW (Things From Another World)
    With all the qualities of a small collectibles shop, TFAW is the main shop for Dark Horse Comics, the publisher who brought Boba Fett back to Lucas' attention. Visit
  • Amazon
    With literature and media, it helps that Amazon is works fast and ships international. Visit
  • Google AdSense
    Contextual relevance is important when you're looking for something.
  • Star Wars Shop
    Convenient for most fans familiar with the Official Star Wars Fan Club, there are often exclusive Boba Fett items on sale. Visit

Hard Numbers

40,000-50,000 average sessions and 250,000-290,000 pageviews per month through 2005, with an upward trend in 2006, according to our Urchin stats. We don't have to mention that Boba Fett is just a minor character, do we? Put that in perspective, and you'll see why we love keeping this web site on the move through our 10th year now.


It's common knowledge by now, as ads light up the Star Wars fan mega-sites, that anything coming in goes back into the web site. Yes, everyone is volunteering. So, such is the case here, with this great and lasting hobby. Here are some our options for one month of rotating and/or static placement:
  • Giveaway or contest. In the past, we've given away convention tickets, action figures, and even a Boba Fett statue.
  • Online credit. Like comissions, but functional for retailers that aren't stocked with Fett per-se; the limitation here is within the world of Star Wars, as we're giving it back.
  • Bandwidth. We've been donated web services over the years, and could revitalize our current benefactor.